About the Book

Do you want more growth from your business? More leads? More customers? More income?

21 Ways to Build Your Business with a Book teaches you how to quickly and easily use a book as rocket fuel to propel the growth and expansion of your business.

Inside, over 30 business professionals who became authors reveal how they have used a book to grow their business.

You will learn (in less than 5 minutes each):

  • How financial advisor and author Brian Fricke used his book to generate new leads that immediately resulted in $50,000 in new revenue.(Page 61)

  • How consultant and author Tara Kennedy-Kline used her book to gain the attention of the media and landed a 7-minute feature on The Today Show. (Page 52)

  • How attorney and author John Patrick Dolan used his book to become the authority and establish recurring guest appearances on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN as the ?legal expert.? (Page 77)

  • How fitness model and author Jennifer Nicole Lee used her book to launch a multi-million dollar product line. (Page 136)

  • How speaker and author Steve Gilliland used his book to increase his speaking fee, sell
    tens of thousands of copies, and build a 7-figure speaking business. (Page 165)