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  • How financial advisor and author Brian Fricke used his book to generate new leads that immediately resulted in $50,000 in new revenue. (Page 61)
  • How consultant and author Tara Kennedy-Kline used her book to gain the attention of the media and landed a 7-minute feature on The Today Show. (Page 52)
  • How attorney and author John Patrick Dolan used his books to become the authority and establish recurring guest appearances on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN as the “legal expert.” (Page 77)
  • How fitness model and author Jennifer Nicole Lee used her books to launch a multi-million dollar product line. (Page 136)
  • How speaker and author Steve Gilliland used his book to increase his speaking fee, sell tens of thousands of copies, and build a 7-figure speaking business. (Page 165)

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Advantage Author Dan Kennedy

Advantage Media Group ‘gets it.’ They understand that a book is a marketing tool to grow your business. Their team, expert guidance, and personalized approach deliver first-class publishing for the business professional.

Advantage Author Robert Phelan

The book IS the powerful marketing tool for my business that you said it would be. The book is a conversation starter, a point of differentiation, and a credibility and expertise builder that has gotten me into the C-suite of prospective clients.

Dan Kennedy, Founder of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle

Robert Phelan, CEO of Litchfield Insurance Group