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How Becoming a Published Author Will Skyrocket Your Business!

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21 Ways to Build Your Business with a Book by Adam Witty

  • How financial advisor and author Brian Fricke used his book to generate new leads that immediately resulted in $50,000 in new revenue. (Page 61)
  • How consultant and author Tara Kennedy-Kline used her book to gain the attention of the media and landed a 7-minute feature on The Today Show. (Page 52)
  • How attorney and author John Patrick Dolan used his book to become the authority and establish recurring guest appearances on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN as the ā€œlegal expert.ā€ (Page 77)
  • How fitness model and author Jennifer Nicole Lee used her book to launch a multi-million dollar product line. (Page 136)
  • How speaker and author Steve Gilliland used his book to increase his speaking fee, sell tens of thousands of copies, and build a 7-figure speaking business. (Page 165)